The pillar of the shop who has been keeping the ship afloat for 4 years and counting.

He’s a proud father, devoted partner and he’s an absolute killer mate. 

Born in Manchester but raised in Sheffield, England he’d worked in more jobs you can think of. 

Ask him anything about rock climbing, UFC, yoga, premiere league, Will Ferrell, CBD and you’re guaranteed to learn something new and cop a dad joke.

Book in with Ryan five days of the week.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday.




Book in with Frank 
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday.


A new face of the shop, but make no mistake- he’s no newbie.

Having over 10 years of experience, Sonny aka @soul_barbers has a loyal following wherever he goes.

Born in New Zealand and bred in the south-east suburbs, I’ve personally had the pleasure to grow with Sonny in the same area and you’ll understand in the first 5 minutes why his clients keep returning.

Ask him anything about soul music, energy, his family, his life journey and if you want to skip the small talk, bring your scuba gear if you’re prepared to go deep 🤿

Support his brand @soul_barbers and his dream of bringing people together through cuts, culture and connection.

Find Sonny 4 days a week.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday.


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